Scares Birds Away. Defends Your Fruit. Reduces Bird Damage.

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Your Fruit Is Worth Defending!

Your Fruit Is Worth Defending!

Birds LOVE fruit, and they will take every opportunity to attack your garden, vineyard, orchard, or berry bushes.  FruitDefender strikes the perfect balance between effectiveness, low cost, and sustainability, and is the perfect choice to protect your hard work - your fruit!
Before Birds Attack, What's Your Plan?

Before Birds Attack, What's Your Plan?

Having a plan to keep birds away from your fruit before they even land is critical.  It only takes minutes for damage to occur, so make sure you defend your fruit before the birds come!
5 Reasons Deploying FruitDefender Makes More Sense than Putting up Netting

5 Reasons Deploying FruitDefender Makes More Sense than Putting up Netting

1. Easier to deploy, year after year. Netting requires an extensive infrastructure to support it, and must be removed to prune, maintain, and harv...

Developed By Fruit Growers, For Fruit Growers

At Irish Mountain Orchard in Minnesota

Perfected Through Years Of Design And Testing

FruitDefender's Menacing Silhouette Drives Birds Away Fast!

Flying High, Dawn 'til Dusk

Early Birds Always Lose With FruitDefender On Patrol

Guards Your Berries

Don't Let The Birds Steal Your Berries, Defend Them!

Effective, Naturally

Deploy Now and Send Birds Packing!

A Birds Eye View of FruitDefender in Action

Terror From Above!

Wondering just what FruitDefender looks like to a bird?  A video is worth a thousand words...

When birds see FruitDefender flying overhead, their natural instinct to flee takes over, and they leave fast!  

Birds flying overhead see a hawk patrolling the area and don't even bother stopping for a snack, sparing your fruit from damage and destruction.  

Where FruitDefender really shines over traditional stationary bird scares is in its natural movement.  To a bird, it looks terrifyingly like a hawk lingering overhead, waiting to pounce!

Orchards, Vineyards, Berry Patches, and Gardens

Guarding Fruit Orchards

Apple, pear, cherry, peach, and plum orchards are perfect for FruitDefender. 

During development, reductions in bird damage as much as 90% were seen, saving tens of thousands of dollars worth of fruit from the ravages of bird damage.

Protect Your Orchard

Keeping Vineyards Safe

For vineyards, birds are an eternal menace.  Many vineyards spend thousands of dollars to cover their vines in expensive netting to keep birds out.  

The FruitDefender offers a much more cost-effective solution, and can reduce and nearly eliminate bird damage.

Defend Your Grapes

Defending Backyard Gardens

FruitDefender works just as well to protect gardens.  The same birds that damage fruit in orchards and vineyards will also wreak havoc on garden plants, like strawberries, raspberries and tomatoes if given the chance. 

Don't let them ruin your garden!

Guard Your Garden
FruitDefender Guarding Orchard

Cost Effective, Made in America

Protect Your Fruit

Success Stories

This summer I've had a terrible problem with birds eating the grapes on my backyard vines. Its maddening watching the birds land on my vines and eat the ripe grapes, then fly away before I can stop them. I put up the fruit defender hawk yesterday, they've already stopped coming around! It works very well, and I highly recommend it.

Chris in Florida

I purchased a FruitDefender for use in my sweet corn; it worked so well I ordered several more. And I've told numerous friends and fellow growers about the results I've had!


I have used the FruitDefender for my home garden and have been very pleased with the results. So I believe this is valuable not only for the commercial fruit growers but also for home gardeners who are frustrated with the birds feasting on their fruit.


This has been a great help in decreasing the birds damage to my grapes. I have told other growers about it and know they have purchased it as well.


Easy To Install And Maintain

Simple, Easy, Effective

Eco-Friendly and Shipped Responsibly

Easy on the earth, tough on birds
FruitDefender Closeup

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