Ripening Fruit and Grapes Need Defense Plan

Ripe Blue Grapes Hanging On Vine


Portland, Oregon - As Fruit Ripens, Orchards and Vineyards Need Protection

With July coming to an end, many orchards and vineyards are seeing their fruit stating to ripen.  And the birds are watching!  If given the chance, they will go on a sampling spree and wreak havoc.

Thankfully, the days of sitting back and feeling helpless are over!  FruitDefender, a innovative bird-scare product designed by commercial fruit growers in Minnesota, provides an extremely effective way to fight back, without investing the huge amounts of time and money to put bird nets over all your fruit trees and vines.  

Each FruitDefender can protect between 5-6 acres of fruit, and is much more cost effective than netting is.  Made from metal, it's also strong enough to be used season after season, saving orchards and vineyards thousands of dollars over its lifetime.

Birds don't stand a chance, because FruitDefender exploits their natural fear of hawks on patrol by moving freely in the wind.  When birds see FruitDefender looming overhead, they just leave and don't come back.  Birds looking to land in your vineyard or orchard see a hawk hovering and they don't even bother.

If you have suffered through the pain of losing 20% or more of your fruit to bird damage, give FruitDefender a try.  

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