Before Birds Attack, What's Your Plan?

Crow Flying Over Orchard


Bird damage can occur in minutes, and ruin a whole crop.  Having a plan in place to prevent birds from destroying your hard work is essential!

The Threat

There's nothing worse than watching all your hard work be ruined by a flock of hungry birds. They can cause enormous damage in a matter of minutes, and oftentimes its too late to prevent damage after they've already landed in your vineyard, orchard, or garden.


Bird In Tree


Birds attack by pecking holes in larger fruit like apples, pears, plums, and peaches, and devouring smaller fruits like grapes and berries whole.  Even worse, they often leave behind disease-spreading droppings in their wake.


Pear Ruined By Birds


Birds can also damage young plants and seedlings before they even get a chance to grow, destroying even the most carefully planned gardens.  Protecting new seedlings from bird attacks is essential because whole rows of new plants can be destroyed in a matter of minutes if a hungry flock descends.


The Solution!

But all is not lost!  Birds are a threat, but they can be planned for.  Preventing bird damage requires deploying defenses before birds arrive, and that's precisely what FruitDefender is designed to do. When birds see FruitDefender flying, they pass on by, leaving your fruit and garden alone.

FruitDefender Guarding Orchard



Better And Cheaper Than Netting

Unlike netting and mesh, FruitDefender doesn't require hours to install, remove, and maintain.  It also doesn't risk harming protected birds like netting does.  Unlike noisemakers, FruitDefender is quiet so it wont annoy neighbors.  It never needs batteries or fuel, either, and is earth-friendly!


Don't risk your fruit.  Deploy FruitDefender!


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