Your Fruit Is Worth Defending!

Ripe Red Strawberry

Protecting Your Investment

If you're like most gardeners and fruitgrowers, you pour your heart and soul into your crop. You carefully plan it, plant it, fertilize and nurture it all summer. All things considered, you've likely invested hundreds of hours into trying to grow the best quality fruits you can!  And that's the way it should be.  But part of your efforts should be planning for when things go wrong.

Control What You Can

Growing fruit entails many factors you can't control. Hail could strike and ruin your crop, or a heatwave could see your trees or vines wither in the sun. Mildew, scab, blight, and other diseases can strike without warning.  So why add bird damage to the mix, especially when bird damage is so easy to prevent?

The Bird Threat Is Real

Make no mistake.  Birds LOVE fruit.  They are intelligent opportunists that will devour your hard work if given the chance.  Birds can and will attack gardens, orchards, berry bushes, and vineyards, and they do cause enormous damage. Bird In TreeWhat's even more concerning is that the research done on how much bird damage costs often focuses on commercial agricultural production, where some anti-bird measures were likely already in place. Thus, one can imagine that the damage wrought by birds on smaller growers, backyard orchards, and gardens where no bird protections are deployed is likely even higher.  So what is the best way to defend your investment in your fruit? 

What About Netting?

Netting works, but it is expensive, time-consuming, not environmentally friendly, and can be harmful to protected bird species. The fact is, netting your plants has many serious drawbacks to consider.  It's definitely not an ideal solution.


Shiny Ribbons, Owl Statues, Lasers, and Ineffective Other Gimmicks

Other measures like shiny ribbons, owl statues, sprays, gels, electronic devices and other ineffective gimmicks are tempting, but they are quickly ignored by birds, who then go on to wreak havoc on on your fruit.  You can't trust them to keep your fruit safe.  

FruitDefender is Different!

Designed by an experienced fruit orchard owner, FruitDefender strikes a perfect balance between effectiveness, sustainability, and economy. It triggers birds' natural fear of hawks and falcons to make your fruit a very uninviting target, but is affordable enough not to require investing hundreds of thousands of dollars to keep birds away.  It also isn't made of environment-polluting plastic like netting is, and there's no risk birds will become entangled and die.

Fruitdefender is much more effective than owl statues because it moves!  And unlike kites, ribbons, and balloons, FruitDefender will last season after season.  It's durable metal construction is perfect for reliability, re-usability, and low-maintenance protection of your fruit.  Electronic bird scares can be fragile, need power, and can stop working unexpectedly.  FruitDefender doesn't run out of batteries, is made from durable metal, and is reliable.  It will work for you, sunup to sunset, keeping your fruit safe.

Don't let all your hard work be ruined by bird attacks or ineffective gimmicks. 

So how much is your fruit worth? It's worth Defending!

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