The Staggering Costs of Bird Damage

Apple orchard with ripe red apples

It's no secret that birds cost fruit growers money, but the costs to large farms can be truly staggering.  

Birds damage apples, grapes, blueberries, peaches, pears, strawberries, and many other commercial fruit crops.  To make matters worse, birds often only mar a fruit enough to make it unsaleable before moving on to the next fruit.  Left unchecked, birds can utterly ruin an orchard or berry farm.  Fruit growers that fail to deploy bird deterrent measures risk their entire crop.

In one recent study published in Crop Protection found damage to Washington Honeycrisp apples at $2941 per acre, and damage to California blueberries at $14,913 per acre.  Clearly, fruit growers can't afford not to defend their crops from birds.

Fortunately, there's the FruitDefender!  Each one can protect between 5 and 6 acres, with multiple FruitDefenders able to protect even the largest commercial orchards, vineyards, and berry farms.  Given the extremely high cost of bird damage, FruitDefender is an extremely cost-efficient at only $49.99/unit. 

And commercial fruit growers aren't the only ones who can benefit from FruitDefender's uncanny ability to strike fear into birds.  Backyard gardeners, hobby orchards, and smaller vineyards can also protect their fruit by deploying FruitDefender over their crops, too.  Birds don't care whose fruit they ruin, and they'll just as happily gobble up your strawberries as a large fruit farmer's strawberries.  Don't let them!  Defend your fruit with FruitDefender!


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