Fruit Defender Guarding Garden From Bird Damage
FruitDefender Closeup Photo
Fruit Defender On Yardarm Guarding Orchard By Scaring Birds Away
FruitDefender Scaring Birds Away And Guarding Fruit Trees From Bird Damage
FruitDefender Deployed In A Vineyard To Scare Birds Away And Protect Grapes
FruitDefender On Yard Arm To Scare Birds Away From Apple Trees


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Ideal for backyard gardens, berry patches, and small orchards and vineyards, the FruitDefender can protect between 5 and 6 acres of land when located centrally.

  • Reduces Bird Damage -  FruitDefender protects orchards, berry patches, vineyards, and gardens
  • Effective - The birds that damage your fruit are terrified of hawks.  They leave quickly and don't come back.
  • Low-Maintenance - Once deployed, it requires no power or fuel, and is very durable
  • Eco-Friendly - FruitDefender doesn't pollute the environment, and is made from recyclable and earth-friendly materials.  It ships in recyclable, eco-friendly packaging
  • Quiet - Unlike some bird-scares that use loud or annoying noises, FruitDefender is 100% quiet.  It won't annoy your neighbors.
  • FruitDefender was created by professional fruit growers, for fruit growers. It does its job well. 
  • FruitDefender has been successfully used for over 15 years nationwide
  • Designed, Perfected, and Manufactured in the USA.  Sales help support American workers and their families.


  • Does it work?
    • Yes!  Many of the birds that damage fruit are terrified of hawks, and FruitDefender is designed to look like a hawk and mimic its behavior.  When birds overhead fly by, they see a hawk patrolling below and they move on.  In addition to scaring birds directly, FruitDefender helps to attract real hawks to the area, which multiply its effect.
  • How does it "fly"?
    • FruitDefender is designed to hang freely from a tether on a yard arm pole, which allows wind currents to move it around.  Real hawks often hand over an area waiting to pounce on prey, and FruitDefender mimics this motion well.  Its flight is dependant on the length of tether, height yardarm, as well as how far from the pole the FruitDefender is anchored.  No power or fuel is needed, but some wind is necessary.
  • How long does it last?
    • FruitDefender is made from durable sheet metal, and will last for years.  In our experience, birds never became accustomed to it, but moving FruitDefender around occasionally is helpful.  Additionally, to help preserve birds' fear, FruitDefender should be deployed only when needed, and taken down as soon as its not needed anymore.
  • How do I put it up?
    • Its critical that birds are able to see FruitDefender from above AND below, so it needs to be suspended from its own dedicated yard arm, not a tree branch or building.  Hang FruitDefender from the end of a yardarm high enough that it can be seen from the edge of the area you want to protect.  In general, FruitDefender will work best when hung higher.
  • How big of an area does it protect?
    • In our development trials, one FruitDefender unit was able to protect 5-6 acres of apple trees effectively.  Multiple units can be deployed to cover larger areas as needed.  The higher it is deployed, the larger the area it can effectively protect.  Birds have keen vision, and as long as they cans see it hovering, they'll avoid the area.
  • Is it better than netting?
    • Yes!  It's cheaper, easier to maintain, easier to deploy, and environmentally friendly, eco-friendly, and it can protect certain crops netting can't.
  • What do birds see when FruitDefender is deployed?